7 characteristics to change for a smoother life

"Be kind to yourself, embrace imperfection, and focus on personal growth rather than comparing to others. Only then will you find true happiness and fulfillment."
"Be kind to yourself, embrace imperfection, and focus on personal growth rather than comparing to others. Only then will you find true happiness and fulfillment."

1. Easily self-pitying
Do not feel sorry for yourself over small things, blame others for not understanding you, and then feel sorry for yourself.
You easily feel sorry for yourself and dwell on things due to lack of life experience, being too emotional and emotionalizing everything. Experience more, try more things, seize new opportunities, and you will gradually grow.

2. Overly sensitive
Overly sensitive people often go hand in hand with being insecure, as they pay extreme attention to the thoughts and judgments of others about themselves, often overly concerned about external influences.
If you are dealing with this issue, you really should change. You should only care about constructive opinions or the opinions of important people in your life, and ignore the opinions of strangers, so that your life can be lighter and more relaxed.

3. Constantly comparing
Some people like to be harsh on themselves, comparing their flaws with the strengths of others, which results in self-blame and self-pity.
Everyone has their own strengths, and everyone is different. Not everyone is born with everything. They have to make continuous efforts every day to explore, experience, and persevere.
You should only compare yourself to your own self, making progress a little each day, and strive for significant changes.

4. Demanding perfection in everything
Everything must wait for perfection before starting, setting excessively high expectations, wanting everything, big or small, to be perfect.
I'm not saying that pursuing perfection is not good, but pursuing perfection beyond reality is very difficult. If things do not turn out as perfect as you think, you will be the one who suffers in the end.
Strictly implement the set goals as an important principle when starting everything, discard unrealistic illusions, and plan based on your own situation so that you won't feel confused.

5. Overthinking
Feeling discouraged before even starting due to difficulties in imagination, overthinking too much and often focusing on the negative aspects of things, indecisiveness and fear.
A single sentence, event, situation, or conversation can increase the burden of thoughts for you, making you hesitant to move forward.
Be braver, don't extrapolate to distant futures, focus on the present, and you won't know if you don't try.

6. Showing everything on your face
Some people show their bad mood on their face, write all their emotions on the Internet as if saying "Console me quickly" or "Solve this problem for me"...
Learn to control your emotions, don't make everyone feel uncomfortable like you do.

7. Not knowing how to say no
"Help someone out of love, not out of obligation." This phrase is suitable for how others treat you, and also suitable for how you treat others. Don't underestimate yourself like that.
Always accommodating to others will not earn you their respect but only push you to your limit.