7 signs of a temporary friendship


Most of us find ourselves in temporary friendships, where we just interact with each other superficially and rarely stand by each other during tough times.

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between a fake friend and a genuine friendship. We often mistake people as friends at different stages of our lives. The key is to recognize their intentions and distance ourselves from them. Here are 7 signs that indicate you have befriended the wrong person.

1. They only get close to you when they need something

If this person only contacts you when they need something, then it may just be a pseudo friendship. For example, a true friend can meet up with you and chat about trivial things even if there is nothing important going on, but a fake friend only contacts you when they know you have something exciting going on or a lucrative business opportunity.

If you receive a call from them on a Sunday evening, it means all their other friends were busy and they have no one else to hang out with. A fake friend who has been MIA for years can suddenly contact you frequently to engage in meaningless conversations. And then they will ask to borrow money or invite you to a wedding, only to disappear again. You deserve a selfless companion, not someone who is only interested in financial gain or favors.

2. You know they exploit others

You will easily recognize a fake person when you observe them from the shadows. You can see how they exploit other people, and you may have been their victim as well. They may form a close relationship because they want to hitch a ride with someone every day instead of spending money on gas or taking the bus. They may also have feelings for your best friend or sibling and are only using you to get closer to them. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, but consider their intentions, as they may have lied a lot to boost their own image.

3. They are not good listeners

A fake friend will never care about your hardships; they only want to talk about themselves. Sometimes, we also enjoy talking about ourselves or are in a bad mood and less attentive to others. This alone does not mean that she/he is a fake friend. You should consider other factors as well.

4. They make fun of your pain

Friends often play pranks and tease each other, and that is normal. But a fake friend is willing to make fun of your pain just for their own amusement. Many of their jokes can be cruel and malicious.

5. They ignore your feelings and opinions

A true friend will not go against your wishes. A fake friend is only concerned about themselves. They intentionally push you in a direction that suits them. Sometimes, you might feel exhausted with them.

For example, their house is far away, and they ask you for a ride back after a party. But they stay till late at night, and by the time you drop them off, it's already very late, and it would be dangerous for you to go home alone. But they don't care. A responsible friend would insist on you staying over until the next day, while a good friend would leave the party early.

6. They don't celebrate your success

A genuine friendship means that if something good happens to the other person, you should also be happy for them. Fake friends might pretend to congratulate you just to get it over with, but deep down, they may be jealous.

7. Your intuition tells you so

It's unclear why, but you just feel that this friendship is fake, uncomfortable, and sometimes makes you uneasy. So, perform some of the checks mentioned above to determine it more clearly.

Of course, no one wants to end a good friendship just because of misunderstandings or misconceptions. Therefore, choose your friends wisely