Careful and respectful are valuable virtues in the way we treat each other


"Life is full of Important Moments, Moments When We Need To Stand Back, Focus And Help Those In Need. No Need to Film to Understand Another's Pain. An Act of Helping. Quickly and Effectively Will Help Us Feel Satisfied And Believe In Yourself More"

I was running a regular class the other day and all was going according to protocol until a student suddenly had a seizure before recess. The class was busy standing around her, everyone felt worried and confused and didn't know what to do.

But fortunately I have also received specialized training in dealing with seizures and neurological problems...

With the knowledge and skill I quickly placed the student on her side to make sure there was no danger of suffocation for her. But because the seizure lasted more than 1 minute, I immediately called my colleague to ask for an ambulance to come immediately. Thanks to our timeliness and professionalism, everything was resolved safely and efficiently.

However, such situations don't just happen in the classroom but can happen anytime and anywhere in life. So we need to be alert and ready to deal with emergencies and improve our knowledge to avoid unpredictable mistakes. Proper action will help protect the safety and health of people in real life..

Through this incident, we also share our experiences and knowledge on how to act in similar situations and avoid unpredictable mistakes with our students:

For example, it is not recommended to record video with a phone in such situations to avoid unintended consequences and to respect the privacy of the affected person.

Our strengths at the school are our professionalism and respect for others. As such, it has been announced by our school staff that in emergency situations students are not to be videotaped to avoid unintended consequences and to respect the privacy of those affected. Not only does this help keep everyone safe, but it also helps instill moral values ​​and mutual respect among students.