Embrace Self-Love: The Key to Radiate Love and Happiness to Others

Love yourself unconditionally, for it is through self-love that true compassion and empathy for others can flourish
Love yourself unconditionally, for it is through self-love that true compassion and empathy for others can flourish

Keep going, my friend!

Don't wear all your sorrows on your face
Because no one can help us
Whether hungry or full, hot or cold
It's up to you to feel and keep or let go.
Everyone encounters hardships a few times in life
Consider them as tuition fees for maturity
Don't always sit and complain about your fate
Whoever perseveres will always have support.
Who has succeeded without experiencing failure?
Who has become wise without being foolish?
Time doesn't wait, it doesn't hesitate
Whether we are happy or indifferent, it's the same
Put the suffering down and stand up
Take a deep breath to regain your spirit
Our red blood is flowing throughout our body
We are much happier than others.

To see happiness, smile and let your optimistic heart shine
To see happiness, smile and let your optimistic heart shine

Just by looking at the world with your whole heart, you will realize that there are still many beautiful things on this earth. A beautiful day, a sweet smile, a caring help will all make your life happy. Life only smiles at you when you face it with optimism. Worry is like a rocking chair.

When you sit on this chair, it rocks, unable to stop; but when you stand up, it no longer sways. Therefore, please remember that in life, there is inherent peace and tranquility, why should we burden ourselves with worries? Only by looking beyond can we reap the sweet fruit of happiness.

"In this world, sacrificing ourselves and constantly worrying about others won't necessarily make them adore us. No matter how extraordinary and kind-hearted we are, there will always be people who despise us. Therefore, there's no need to inflict suffering upon ourselves."

Have you ever felt that loving yourself is selfish? Many people may think so because since ancient times, women have been taught to be sacrificial and to care for others. This notion has gradually embedded itself in our subconscious. Women today live in a new technological era, a society busy with numerous responsibilities. Therefore, the pressure is increasing, and you immerse yourself in work, taking on all tasks, worrying about both household chores and family, friends, and neighbors. In general, you never refuse anyone who asks for your help. Simply put, you are afraid that others will not be happy, afraid of hurting their feelings, always living to please the emotions of others. In the end, you endure all difficulties and pain to live, but is it worth it? Perhaps you have forgotten that you have also endured a lot. I have heard someone say, "If you don't love yourself, where will you find the energy to love others?"

Is loving yourself selfish?

Many people mistakenly think that "loving yourself" means being "selfish." In reality, loving yourself does not equate to being selfish. Selfishness is a kind of greed, always thinking of oneself, considering oneself the best, wanting to gain but not willing to lose, causing harm to others just to gain personal benefits.

In Anita Moorjani's book "Dying to Be Me," she writes, "Loving yourself doesn't mean constantly praising yourself and telling yourself how great you are, but loving the true essence of yourself - the imperfect and flawed version, the unfinished and criticized version, the version that has failed and disappointed others. Loving yourself means making a commitment to yourself that you will stay with yourself, even when everyone else turns away!"


Loving yourself is not selfish, but rather, it is learning to love others. How can we love others if we don't know how to love ourselves? How can we forgive others if we haven't forgiven ourselves? How can we trust others if we don't trust ourselves? We cannot give what we do not have, so loving yourself is essential before truly loving someone else.

Although loving yourself and being selfish are not the same, it doesn't mean that these two things are unrelated. They are actually related. Selfishness stems from an excessive self-love. But in the end, they are not the same. Anyone who thinks they are the same is completely mistaken.

"You know you are loving yourself when:

1. You allow yourself to choose what brings joy and comfort to yourself, instead of constantly worrying about what others will think of you.

2. You stop feeling guilty for wanting an easy and joyous life for yourself.

3. You stop deflecting compliments from others. Instead, you respond with sincere gratitude.

4. The voice of criticism within you no longer dominates your mind.

5. What you do for others comes from your voluntary and joyful intention, rather than feeling guilty or feeling obligated or manipulated by others.

6. You recognize that you have the right to live a happy life, even when those around you are in a terrible situation or feel unhappy themselves."

"Don't sacrifice yourself to receive love and validation from others, live for yourself and don't pay attention to those who hate."
 "Don't lose yourself trying to please everyone, prioritize building self-love and self-respect because you cannot please everyone."

 "Show your strength and perseverance, overcome challenges and live a happy and meaningful life!"