Healing begins when you accept and love yourself


In life, we often face failures, mistakes, and our own shortcomings. These challenges can make us feel insecure, lose confidence, and self-awareness. However, that is not our peak. Instead of dwelling and blaming ourselves, I always believe that healing doesn't necessarily have to be a physical journey, but rather accepting and loving ourselves.

Healing starts when you accept everything that has happened to you. You cannot avoid failure, but you can learn from it. It is wise and mature to accept your failures and look at them in a positive light.

But healing also requires us to love ourselves. For many, they see mistakes as a sign of failure in some aspect of life. But that is just a negative perspective. If you don't love yourself, you will never show your best self. Ask yourself, "If I love myself, what would I do?" It is a way for you to approach your problems more positively.

And then, when you look back on your healing journey, you will realize that you have become a better version of yourself. You may not be perfect, but you have become better. And most importantly, you will be someone who loves and accepts themselves sincerely.

Healing is not an easy path. It requires courage, patience, and faith in oneself. But if you are truly determined to heal, you will discover that no matter how bad things get, you still have the ability to love and accept yourself. And that, that is the ultimate peak of healing - self-acceptance and self-love.

 'Healing begins with self-acceptance and self-love, as only then can we embrace our flaws, learn from our mistakes, and grow into the best versions of ourselves.'"

"Purity is a pure state of the soul, not just a title that can be self-proclaimed.
Purity, a state of the soul, is something we all desire. But sometimes, we realize that striving for the title of being deemed 'pure' is not the right path.

True purity is a state of a clear, perfect soul, something that cannot be defined by words or hopes for the future. It is a pure state that can only be felt and experienced.

In fact, putting too much effort into achieving the title of being 'judged as pure' can lead us away from the ultimate goal. We can easily be imposed by the societal standards of what is right and evaluate ourselves based on criteria that we cannot meet.

The pure states of the soul cannot be convincingly simulated by striving for a title or a test. We cannot buy moral values at any cost. Instead, what matters is deep reflection on our inner selves and acting in accordance with our principles in every situation.

Therefore, focus on the true purity of the soul, rather than judging oneself and seeking titles. Life is too long to be evaluated by imposed standards. Live fully and authentically with yourself, and purity will come to you."