Let's continue to make a positive impact and build a stronger, healthier world


The table tennis game is a perfect analogy of the human relationships in this world. Just like passing the ball, we need to connect and maintain our relationships by keeping a steady rhythm. However, we cannot control the reactions of others, and nobody can guarantee that when we treat people with kindness, we will receive the same treatment in return. It could be anger, jealousy, indifference or disdain. Nonetheless, we can choose to treat others with respect and bring positive values to every relationship we have.

The efforts we put into maintaining relationships and valuing them are essential in making this world a better place to live. Though we never know how what we do will return to us, we should keep throwing beautiful balls and eagerly await to receive beautiful balls from others in return; this is the way to preserve and maintain good relationships that make the world worth living in.

It is crucial that we make the most of our relationships by valuing them. We should strive to maintain healthy connections and strive to keep improving them. It is only through the combination and efforts of individuals that we can build strong relationships. The world is a complex arena, and an individual alone cannot make a difference; however, a collective with similar goals and ambitions can make a significant impact.

In our quest to build better relationships, we face various challenges. Some people may not appreciate the kind gestures and efforts we make, while others may take it for granted. Regardless of the situation, our actions reflect who we are, and we cannot allow someone else's reaction to deter us from our goal of building stronger, healthier relationships.

We should all think about the ripple effect created by our actions and how they impact the world around us. Our small acts of kindness are like the small ripples in a pond that eventually turn into waves. Together, we can create a movement that changes the world.

In conclusion, we are all engaged in a game of table tennis called life. Our relationships are similar to the balls we pass back and forth, and it is up to us how we pass the ball. We should treat each other with respect, value every relationship, and strive to maintain healthy connections with our fellow human beings. The world is a better place because of individuals who make efforts to build and maintain good relationships. So, let's continue throwing beauty into the world, and hope that someone else is throwing something beautiful back towards us. Together, we can create a world where relationships are valued and cherished, and where kindness and love are the norm