Summer break is a great time to explore a new language, relax and become more talkative than before

Patented method  USA 2018
Patented method USA 2018

Hi friend!

Summer holidays are a great opportunity to improve your language skills. At its best, you can learn a language while lounging in a hammock or on a pier while enjoying your holiday.

But don't feel under pressure to be active and efficient on holiday. It's important to remember to rest, because a tired brain doesn't learn new things as effectively.

So be sure to leave time for relaxation and other important things. While regularity is important in language learning, you may sometimes learn a new language even more effectively when you are relaxed.

So here's what we recommend for a warm summer evening:

Pack a laptop, tablet or phone, headphones and a picnic blanket in your bag. Head to the nearest park or beach, relax and enjoy learning!

Quality Certificate Education Alliance  Finland 2019
Quality Certificate Education Alliance Finland 2019

How many words do you need to learn?

How many foreign language words do you need to get through everyday conversations? A native English speaker has a vocabulary of around 20 000–35 000 words. By contrast, a learner of English as a foreign language usually has a vocabulary of 2 500–9 000 words.

Sound like a lot? Fortunately, in normal conversations, such as at home, at work or when travelling, you only need to be able to actively use around 1 000–5 000 words to be able to function in English. The wider and more varied your vocabulary, the easier it will be to start a conversation and understand the person you are talking to.

In addition to the words you know actively, you are also constantly building up your passive vocabulary: words that you recognise and understand, but which you cannot actively produce yourself.

Even the words you know passively will help you to learn the language – being able to listen to podcasts or read books in the language you are learning will strengthen your language skills in many ways. You'll learn things like sentence structures, natural expressions and culture.

So add to your summer holiday plans not only language learning itself, but also a lot of listening to music and podcasts, and relaxing on rainy days watching films and TV series – in the language you're learning, of course!

EdTech Breakthrough Award  Global 2020
EdTech Breakthrough Award Global 2020

With WordDive you'll learn for real

In language learning, you get the best results when it's fun. If you enjoy practising and learning, you don't have to force yourself to study.

WordDive is designed to help you reach your goal wherever, whether you're heading to the peace and quiet of your summer cottage or going camping.

When you start learning, the programme recognises your individual learning pace. It then offers you new things to learn at a pace that suits you, and repeats things you've already been introduced to a sufficient number of times. You don't have to spend time planning your studies or revision, you can concentrate on enjoying your learning! The effectiveness of your learning is guaranteed by learning materials prepared by Finnish teachers and a patented learning method.



WordDive will help you succeed in everyday life, at work, and in your free time or wherever you need to speak a different language. The learning method is entirely Finnish-made and patented: everyone learns a new language easily and efficiently