The Healing Power of Tears


As adults, we often feel embarrassed and ashamed when we can't hold back our tears, feeling the need to constantly portray ourselves as cheerful and full of vitality. However, I believe that, on the contrary, we should break free from these limitations by comfortably expressing our emotions outwardly, rather than burying our sadness deep within.

Every day, we find ourselves suppressing numerous thoughts with phrases like "I'm so sad, but I have to endure it," "I don't like doing this, but I have to comply," or "Today is terrible, but I'll bear it." However, if we address our negativity with the notion of "Don't cry," we will undoubtedly be unable to release it, leading to an eventual outburst.

Crying is a way to alleviate our burdens. This can be done alone, such as in the bathroom or a private room, or shared with close friends and family. Even watching a few deeply poignant TV shows or movies can help facilitate this release.

Embrace the tears until you truly feel a sense of relief, and don't forget to appreciate yourself for always trying. The sadness may linger to some extent, but it will gradually heal.

Let us not suppress our tears but embrace them as a means to unload our emotional baggage. Instead of constantly repressing our sorrows, we should allow ourselves the vulnerability to express our struggles. By doing so, we can experience the healing power of tears and gradually find solace within ourselves. So, don't be afraid to shed those tears whenever necessary and remember to thank yourself for always persevering.

Hello, good morning! I wish you peace.

"Time will take everything away..."

Time heals wounds and also fades away past happiness. So, no one will be in pain forever because of something, just as they won't be engulfed in eternal joy.

Everyone has to grow up, and their thoughts will gradually mature along with them. At some point, when looking back at the past, everything will seem like a fleeting sunbeam on the hand.

Just move forward, better things are coming your way!

The Transience of Time: Healing Wounds and Fading Happiness

In the course of our lives, time has an undeniable impact on everything we encounter. It has the power to heal wounds and gradually fade away memories of joy. The passage of time reminds us that nothing is eternal, neither pain nor pleasure. It teaches us important lessons about growth, resilience, and the inevitable transience of life.

As the minutes turn into hours, days into weeks, and years into decades, time becomes a powerful force that shapes our experiences and perceptions. It holds within it the potential to soothe the deepest wounds and provide solace to those in pain. Time has the remarkable ability to gradually heal emotional scars, allowing individuals to move forward and embrace new beginnings. The intensity of suffering may seem insurmountable in the present, but as time passes, its impact diminishes until it becomes a distant memory.

Similarly, time's relentless march affects not only our sorrows but also our joys. Moments of happiness, once cherished and celebrated, inevitably lose their vibrancy as they blend into the past. What was once a joyous occasion becomes a faded memory, like a shrinking sunbeam on the palm of our hand. However, this does not diminish the significance of those moments; rather, it reminds us to appreciate and savor them while they last.

The passage of time also impels personal growth and maturation. As we navigate through life's challenges and triumphs, our thoughts and perspectives evolve. What seemed monumental in the past may eventually appear trivial or insignificant when viewed through the lens of time. We learn to let go of past hurts and embrace new opportunities, understanding that time continually propels us forward.

In the grand scheme of life, time remains a constant companion, shaping our experiences and molding our perceptions. It possesses the remarkable ability to heal wounds, fade away happiness, and foster personal growth. As we journey through the sands of time, we must embrace the transience of life and its inherent impermanence. Every moment, whether filled with joy or sorrow, has its place and purpose, ultimately leading us towards a future filled with new possibilities and brighter horizons. So, let us cherish the present, learn from the past, and greet the future with open arms.

"Journeying far and wide, I finally come to realize that my own radiant smile is the most captivating view."

The person you feel most at fault is yourself. You always live for others, forcing yourself to bear some unfairness that you shouldn't have to endure. This sometimes leads to overwhelming pressure, causing you to feel out of control and unable to accept, but still having to continue.

You are a person who is quiet and introverted, but due to work or some other reason, you have to present yourself as outgoing and sociable. You are very genuine with others, ready to sacrifice yourself and don't want others to be hurt. In the process of getting along with everyone, you have no intention of hurting anyone and you...