26 important life skills - the power to succeed


 You learn to recognize your own strengths in different situations, at school and outside.

You will find your core strength. The strengths that, when you rely on, you notice that things are slipping and you are your own, authentic self.
You understand that your growth strengths are skills you are still developing.
It is easier for you to give positive feedback to others when you know their positive strengths

   1. Forgiveness

   2. Judgment ability 

   4. Spirituality

   5. A sense of humor

   6. Enthusiasm
   7. Self-regulation
   8. Leadership
   9. Appreciation of beauty
   10. Gratitude 

   11. Creativity
   12. Compassion

   13. Perspective-taking ability

14. The joy of learning

15. Love

16. Honesty

17. Fairness

18. Courage

19. Teamwork-skills 

20. Perseverance

21. Content

22. Social-intelligence

23. Hopefulness

24. Curiosity

25. Modesty

26. Kindness